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Heather Jones

Heather Jones brings the funny to each Big Canvas show and is one of the cofounders. She’s also an Omaha Arts and Entertainment Award winning comedian of the year for 2014 and 2015. You can see Heather regularly host at the Funny Bone. She’s also a loving (and busy) mother of six.
What I do:  I live to make people laugh! You can see me up at open mics, the Funny Bone, and stand up shows around Omaha and beyond. I've been with Big Canvas since the very beginning and love to see where we'll go. I also perform with some of the teams also including Big Canvas members like Shades of Yellow and Podprov. 
Teaching philosophy: We all see things from different perspectives, and that's one of the things I love about the teaching approach in Big Canvas classes. During the classes, I enjoy assisting with the teachers taking the lead and working with students too. We're all constant learners so our classes have a true team environment. Lastly, I truly believe in wabi-sabi. For those who aren't familiar, wabi-sabi is a Japanese idea that centers around the idea of acceptance of imperfection. In improv, the idea is the same. We're getting up on stage and are on a ship with a hole in the water, and together as a team of students and teachers are bailing out that water as quick as we can. But together, that effort, is where the acceptance of imperfection is not only crucial but beautiful.
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