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Eric Green
Eric Green is an Omaha native who brings a wealth of stand-up, improv, and theater background to Big Canvas, cofounding the group in 2014. During the day he spends his time paying bills. When he is not performing, He is writing film scripts with friends. 
What I do: I perform short form improv with Big Canvas (NE). I have also performed with several long-form teams including Life of Poffo. Other Teams teams I have perfomred on include PodProv (a improvised live  podcast), Nevermore (a kid detective style mystery), Special Ed (A two person team where we perform 2 scenes controlled by a random audience member), Fishbowl Apology (A monoscene team), and A Chorus Fine (an improvised musical) among others. I also try to get as much scripted theatre as I can having performed recently with the Lofte Theatre, The Florentine Players, Omaha Community Playhouse, and The Blue Barn Theatre in Omaha. I also dabble in stand-up when I get the chance. I have also been a featured regular on the late night sketch show Omaha Live!
Background & Influences: I feel like I am relatively new to improv in comparison to other Big Canvas members. That being said I do have 5 years of long form experience that I have picked up through graduating from several schools in Omaha. I am also now approaching 3 years of Short form experience. I am a huge fan of Whose Line is it Anyway? and have been a fan all the way back to the British version on Comedy Central. I also feel like when I see any improv, even bad improv, you take something away and it influences you. I also have a theatrical background that I can date back to when I was in second grade.
Teaching philosophy: As a teacher I want you to take something away, either immediately or eventually, each time. And if I am doing my job I am taking something from you. Improv should always be fun but it should never become easy enough that it no longer challenges. The part of improv I enjoy is that anyone can do it, but if you want to do it well it does take focus. 
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