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Combined, the five members of Big Canvas have decades of improv performance and teaching experience gathered from all around the country. Through short-form improv games, our training will impart important skills for improvisation that will carry into your daily life!

Classes are held at Sozo Coffeehouse, 1314 Jones Street, Omaha, NE, unless noted in description,

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2018 classes

Courses in the Program

Level 1: Intro to Improv
Big Canvas instructors will explore the basics of comedy improvisation: team-building, trust, speed, status, active listening, and agreement. Students learn to be fearless and have fun on stage.

Level 2: Short Form Improv 2.0
Big Canvas instructors will expand on the basics of comedy improvisation as taught in Level 1 and introduce new short form games and variants. 

Level 3: Characters and Relationships
Big Canvas instructors will help you to instantly create honest, fun, and memorable characters and develop meaningful relationships in every scene you perform.Limited performance opportunities with Big Canvas are available after completion of this course.

Level 4: Intro to Long Form
Big Canvas instructors will focus on the two-person scene, building on the fundamentals of previous levels. By the end of the course students will have the ability to perform entertaining 30 minute shows based off only a one word suggestion. The students will focus on performing the basic form of long form improv, The Harold. 

Level 5: Long Form 2.0
Expanding on the fundamentals learned in Level 4, Big Canvas instructors will focus improv scenes and how they can elevate to different forms. Students will learn two additional forms and techniques in long form (Narrative and Armando). 

Continuing Improv Classes (optional)
Advanced Gamesmanship
Students will learn a rapid amount of games in the Big Canvas arsenal. (Level 3 completion required)

Advanced Longform
In long form subjects, students will focus on additional forms. Forms taught may include Radio in the Dark, Mobius, First Line/Last Line, Sleepover, Monoscene among others.
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